Frozen Deep

February 1, 2013

Christian Stenner, Diana Kirkwood, and Nicholaus Vieira

A Raspberry day,.. but at 08:30 the area was posted Closed (this was a little disappointing as Diana drove 8+hr to go into Raspberry). Time for plan B.
What could you do to emulate Skiing or snowshoeing to a cave, changing then diving through Glacial fed sumps, doing rope work in waterfalls, while in a cave?
Our answer is a little known about, almost forgotten, Caving trip with an entertaining Winter canyoning trip thrown on to add some spice. Oh, It's February in the Canadian Rockies, this should keep the spirit of a Raspberry trip, just shorter and colder.

Microbial Sampling

January 27, 2013

Christian Stenner, Jeremy Bruns, and Nicholaus Vieira

Meeting at 08:00 Christian and I were off to Banff to pick up Jeremy. The area was posted Open by the time Jeremy had his equipment in Christians vehicle. Show time! We made good time to Glacier National Park (245km away) arriving at the parking lot we packed the remaining gear, then began the 2 km approach burdened by our loads. Sweating we arrived at the frozen entrance where we left our snowshoes, ducking into the cave we changed for the trip through Sump 1 and beyond.


January 24th, 2013

Jeremy Bruns, Katie Graham, and Nicholaus Vieira

I had to turn down work the night before to make sure that the planned date was to go ahead as planned. The days goals were twofold. The first was to place the microbial sampling equipment through the cave, in the process rig a permanent fixed line into Freedom 65. For the second part we would then do the overhanging slab climb in Freedom 65 to attempt to bypass the upper sumps, Sump 2 and 3.

A Dead Aven

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Chas Yonge, Christian Stenner, and Nicholaus Vieira

We drove into Glacier National Park of Canada once we knew that the area was open. Stopping in to the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre to get Christian's annual winter restricted area permit and to inform Parks employees we were going to the cave

Yet another suprise!

January 7, 2013

Adam Walker, Chas Yonge, Gavin Elsely, Katie Graham, Charlene Barker and Nicholaus Vieira

The team drove to Golden, BC the night before to chance that the access to the cave would be open in the morning. Nerves and energy abounded and I am sure some were awake a little earlier than necessary. We were all up early and met for a large breakfast and discussed the days plans. This was the first "familiarization" trip for the newer members to the team.

Last Survey trip of the Year

December 29, 2012

Adam Walker, Chas Yonge, and Nicholaus Vieira

We arrived at Chas' early so we could chance that it would be open by leaving early.... Chas slept in, providing Adam and I with a bit of comic fodder for the drive to Glacier National Park. We tried not to tease him too much.

What a Birthday Trip!

December 8, 2012

Nicholaus Vieira, and Adam Walker

Open!!! Here we go. The plan was to be a light and fast trip to re-dive Sump 1 re-climb the Nick point and check and rig everything to Sump 2, then push through Sump 2 and recci what is beyond.

Pool Training

December 9, 2012

Adam Walker, Gavin Elsely, Chas Yonge, Charlene Barker, Jeremy Bruns, Katie Graham, and Nicholaus Vieira

I am exhausted after the push trip in Raspberry and then Guiding in the morning.
Chas, Adam and I drove into Calgary for the arranged Team Pool Session, at Aqua Sport Scuba Centre. Arriving I was glad to see the majority of the team was in attendance, and they did not mind my exhausted state too much. We had a quick intro to the permit and the permit system, signed waivers for both the Project and the Pool Session, explained the sumps (we now had knowledge of Sump 2), the set up and concept of dive equipment/setup being used.

Returning to Raspberry Rising

November 28, 2012

Chas Yonge, Adam Walker, and Nicholaus Vieira

The Winter Restricted Access Permit is in effect, and I now have a multi-year research permit. Having been busy preparing and organizing for this year’s explorations of Raspberry Rising since August, it was finally time to start moving equipment to the cave. Adam and Chas had volunteered to assist with the Sherpa trip. This trips goal’s was to carry non-diving equipment to the cave, inventory the equipment left the year before to compare to my records and prep the downstream section of sump 1.