Booming Ice Chasm

Here are some suggestions for conservation, if you are going to enter this cave:

Clean up after people, whether it is you or someone previously there.
Do not leave V-threads (abalacovs), they will stay here forever entombed in ice, and that is called littering.
Use ice screws, when possible.
Add glow-sticks or small lights to gear left from a pulldown, so you can retrieve them in the dark.
Never defecate in the cave. Nobody wants to climb a Poo-cicle.
Do not vandalize the formations, or walls of the cave.
Take nothing but Photos and Memories, and remember to play safe as Cell phones etc, do not work underground

Thompson Rivers University

January 14-18th, 2013


Looking forward to this for some time, I was finally going to meet Ann Cheeptham. Ann is the Microbiologist at Thompson Rivers University (TRU) I have been assisting with microbial collections from caves. I have collected samples from caves such as Raspberry Rising and Booming Ice Chasm looking for micro organisms that show resistance to bad bacteria. We have had conversed over the phone and via email for more than a year, including appearing on the same Television show, still we had never met in person.

Bisaro but Beautiful Weirdness

September 1, 2013

Charlene Barker, Mel and Christian Stenner, Nicholaus Vieira

Well a return to pass the sump first dove by Charlene in the one day marathon in February was due. In July while getting some Scuba cylinders Charlene suggested we try on the September long weekend, plans were made, time off booked, sherpas located, it was a go.

Booming Ice Chasm - Return/Filming

July 5-8th, 2013

Jeremy Bruns, Gavin Elsely, Katie Graham, Colin Massey, François Xavier de Ruydts (Fixe), Damien, Carolynn Jarvis, and Nicholaus Vieira

After driving through most of the night I arrived in Crowsnest Pass at 08:00 in the morning on the 5th, after a brief hike I began sorting equipment and packing my bag for the day. A little after our scheduled meeting time Carolyn, Fixe, and Damien (the 16 x 9 film team) arrived. We had our introductions made plans for the day then set off for the Cave.


June was a month of Highs and Lows. Guiding picked up providing me with a lot of work. The Alberta Speleological Society survey courses (put on by Christian Chenier of the SQS) were a success. I also given an opportunity to participate on an expedition to the World's current deepest cave Krubera, but as mentioned there were many ups and downs.

Course Instruction


Various weekends in May

Last year in collaboration with Marc Navarro, and Barbara Goyla. We wrote and developed the first formal caving courses for the Alberta Speleological Society. After last year, which was a success, we planned to hold more for the club. As time rolled around for the scheduled courses this year, we had over whelming interest. As it turned out we had enough interest to host 2 SRT courses.

Microbial Collections

May 7th, 2013

Adam Walker, Chas Yonge, and Nicholaus Vieira

Nervous tension, this is the feeling weighing on our minds and stirring in our stomaches. The water was bound to be higher. We left in a single vehicle at 06:00 from Canmore, AB to Glacier National Park, BC. The trip was passed by explaining to Adam and Chas what was discovered yesterday, and what it meant for the progression of the exploration. We talked about tactics, considerations and the direction of focus for the fall trips. We knew this would be our last trip in for the Spring.

Cracking Sump 3

May 6th, 2013

Katie Graham, Gavin Elsley, and Nicholaus Vieira

Waking at 06:00 in Golden, BC only 45 minutes from Glacier National Park where Raspberry Rising is located, gave us a good edge to accomplish the goals for the trip and be out of the cave at the warmest parts of the day to avoid potentially being trapped above sump 2 by rising waters. The planned trip was to dive sump 3, survey it, and discover what the next obstacle we would face is. Cave exploration is exciting in the fact that you have no idea what is beyond your head lamps reach or around the next corner, you have to go there to find out!

Beautiful Bisaro

February 3, 2013

Henry Bruns, Katie Graham, Diana Kirkwood, Wes Woodworth, Charlene Barker, and Nicholaus Vieira

The plan was to dive the sump in Bisaro but Beautiful. It had been attempted before however the conditions where never right for the previous attempts.