Huautla - Mexico 2013

Around November of last year (2012) I received an email from Chris Jewel asking if I was interested in going to Huautla to recci and help rig the cave (San Augustin - Fools Day extension to the 620 depot).

Peru 2012

I arrived through customs at 01:30 after a marathon of airline movies. Met my ride and raced another cab through the streets of Lima (speeds exceeding 150km/hr!), to the hostel we would be using as a base. Andy McKenzie and Adam Haar, arrived the day before, were waiting with beer! We downed a few while catching up until 04:15. So began my Peruvian adventures!

Castleguard Cave, Canada - 2010

March 22-24, 2010
I travelled from Nanaimo to Calgary, got the sat phone, organized gear, and began my obsessive cutting of weight, knowing I had been "volun-told" to be a bottle carrier. In the end a 45-litre bag held all of my gear. Well, on big trips I go light and fast and understand the commitment. If I get cold, I must move faster. If I carry in a jacket, I sleep in it so I can use a lighter sleeping bag etc.

China 2011 - Tain Xing

During Mexpe I was strongly encouraged to go to China for a caving expedition. Once back in Canada, and having dealt with being robbed of most of my possessions (in Canada), I contacted the expedition leader, Imogen Furlong to see if I could join in on the fun. After an email or two, success I was to meet them in China on September 25th at some hostile in Chong Xing.

China 2011 - San Wang Dong

During the Tian Xing expedition (a month long expedition I was in China for) I made it known that I had time at the end of the expedition for another caving trip. So the seed was planted..

Mexpe - Mexico 2011

This trip began as far away as one can get from Mexico, in the frozen cave we call Castleguard. It is here that I met Christian Chenier, and Gael Herve. They had decided to come out and experience this amazing cave as there was a “year off” in the Mexpe expeditions. As cavers do, we all shared caving stories and Christian mentioned what the SQS was doing in Mexico, I was hooked

NSS Convention 2011

Saturday July 16th, 2011
Had me finishing up at work and getting a ride to Calgary to pickup Jesse Martin’s car.
The Flash of the Convention began at 22:00 as I left Calgary, Alberta for Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Diving the Siphon Series - Rats Nest Cave, Canada

Something I have been curios about for a while has been the sumps and beyond in the Grotto. Having first ventured into the tourist side in 2006 and seeing the dive line disappear beneath the surface, it always beckoned me.. The survey just would not cut it. I did my research and read all the trip reports, talked to and emailed some of the original explorers of the sumps.