Team Members and Sponsors

Christian Stenner
Christian has been Caving for more than 8 years, mostly in western Canada. Being a sucker for punishment he is a 3 time Castleguard cave vet. Having attended AB/BC Cave rescue workshops and being a first aid instructor he will be a useful member of the team. Christian is assisting with the Microbial aspect of this project.

Gavin Elsely
Gavin is one of Western Canada's most experienced cavers. Originally he began caving over 16 years ago in Europe, and has been taking part in expeditions across the globe since 1998. He will be a very useful key player being able to draw on his extensive rigging and rescue experience.

Katie (Kathleen) Graham
Katie is our most experienced dry caving female on the expedition. At home in water or caves she has been Caving for the past 6 years, and diving for a decade before that. For the last 4 years she has been taking part in expeditions both in Canada and abroad. Katie is one of the projects sketchers.

Diana Kirkwood

Diana began caving 4 years ago and has been working as a Cave guide in the Canadian Rockies for the last 2 summers. She is quite familiar with Raspberry Rising as she was a Sherpa for the Spring trips. Having a degree in Education Diana will be assisting with the outreach and education program. Hopefully we will not have to use any of her cave rescue skills.

Charlene Barker
Charlene is the diving ace of the team, not only has she been cave diving for 10 years, she has taken part in some very technical wreck dives off the east coast. Having convinced her to start cave diving in Canada, this will be her first caving expedition.

Jeremy Bruns

Jeremy is currently the Alberta Speleological Society's president. Most of his very active caving career has been here in North America, but he has ventured to Malaysia and other South East Asia locations for caving. Jeremy has been through sump 1 in the spring, and decided it was definitely worth coming back for. Current on his Wilderness first aid, he is yet another cave rescue trained individual just don't lend him your camera, as he has a hobby of dropping them in water.

Nicholaus Vieira (Crazy Caver)
The leader of the expedition, and driving force behind it




Alberta Speleological Society

Aqua Sport Scuba Center Inc.

Phil Whitfield

The Royal Canadian Geographic Society

Vancouver Island Cave Exploration Group Rennie/Clark Memorial Fund