A sidemount bottle rig for sumps

A quick and easy method to rig Scuba cylinders for sidemount sump diving, or as simple stage bottles  is shown in the photos. Please note that this setup is not the most "ridged" setup possible and that the bottles will flop around if they are not secured with another means (bungee cord, etc).

The equipment needed is as follows:
Bungee strap, Flat cord, Zipties and a Screw driver (Walmart, or Canadian Tire)
Hose clamps (Auto parts supply store)
Webbing, and Notchless carabiners (2 per bottle) (Climbing equipment store)
Snoopy loops (Tire repair shop)

Please remember you will design your system for the environment in which it will operate.
It is strongly recommended that you get proper training in cave diving, as you will probably kill yourself and others participating in this activity. Make smart choices!