Raspberry Rising Project

The best caving trip in Canada, hands down!

Being situated in Glacier National Park of Canada, requires permits to approach and enter/explore/study this amazing place. I have been granted a multi-year permit to lead a team to do just that. More living in my Jeep coming right up. Good thing I don't mind the cold too much (I am full of crap being cold sucks).

Currently the only time/season to explore this Cave is the winter, or on either shoulder of winter because Raspberry Rising receives all of the melt water from the east Tupper glacier. The Cave needs to be in low flow or the first sump may not be passable. During winter, access to the cave falls under the winter restricted access permit system, in Glacier National Park of Canada. If access is going to be permitted we will not know until 07 30 PT the day of,.. if things are on schedule. The area will remain closed if the military may be conducting avalanche control with their artillery.
To get to the current limit of exploration the team must drive 3 hours and ski 2km from the parking lot. The last section of the approach is up a steep avalanche slide path. Then we must climb 190m through 1000m of passages (of the over 2000m surveyed) including passing 3 sumps. The water is 3 degrees Celsius. We then get to begin mapping and climbing our way through the vertical maze of Raspberry Rising, making sure to be back at the vehicles by our time limit of 23:59 the day of. This necessitates fast and light tactics.


Raspberry and I getting kudos in various newspapers. At least the cave got a good description!



Getting a nod in the Canadian Geographic Magazine!


Great coverage on CBC Radio 1:



Just to name a few!