Getting Started

If you are interested in caving I suggest going on a Wild cave tour, one that does not involve hand rails, overhead lighting and board walks. After which if you see yourself continuing along this path join a caving club. They will go by many different names but a quick internet search should lead you to one nearby. Please pace yourself, be thoughtful, get proper instruction for the technical aspects, and cave safely.

You will get seriously hurt and die (not always quickly) if you pursue this activity. You may strangely even find you like it and caving may become your passion (please note caving has led to divorce). If you become a good experienced caver people will think of you as crazy, weird, or maybe even smelly (showering after trips will help against this). You may even begin to think of them in the same way. Hazard assessment and risk analysis will become second nature make good choices as they affect your life as well as the others around you. Sometimes they will affect people you have never, or will ever meet.

I love it and cannot see me stopping. Hopefully this will help you get going, stop you or even answer some questions. Please remember to always ask questions. The concept and understanding will enable you to make smart choices of your own, don’t follow blindly into the cave of life look around, enjoy and be considerate of the people and environment around you.

Oh, caving has a serious side affect of learning and education, be fore warned.