Here are some thoughts, considerations and ideas for your caving equipment. The equipment you use will always be changing, please begin to understand the role in which it plays so you can adapt it to the various challenges you may face while caving. Understanding what materials the equipment is made of and their properties is of great use as well, not only in choosing the equipment but also on how to expect it to perform and behave. Try to keep it light, and remember to KISS, KISS (Keep it simple stupid, Keep it safe stupid).

Other great resources on equipment and techniques are:

Alpine Caving Techniques: A Complete Guide to Safe and Efficient Caving
Georges Marbach and Bernard Tourte
The reference manual for alpine caving techniques, a must read!
You can order it from


Alan Warild
A must read! It is a book of similar status as Alpine Caving Techniques.
Get it free here:
Thanks Al!